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Our current customers praise us for our quick response, and our professionalism and knowledge. From sedans to motorcycles and large-scale inventory, we offer several services, including:

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•Local and long distance service
•And more!
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                  Our Services

Winching -  We can assist with off-road winching, stuck on county roads, farm pasture, or just in a ditch. Winch-out services are mainly used to pull vehicles from roadside areas that are not easily accessible. Whether you are stuck in Mud, Sand, Snow, or in any other inoperable substance there are a few key factors that you will need to know before ordering a winching service. When calling  please have a clear picture of the situation. You must be able to let the agent know how far away your vehicle is from solid land or the nearest accessible road. This is so the tow driver knows what equipment to bring as each situation is very different and will require special winching equipment. There is no set rate for a winch out service and prices will vary.

Motorcycle Tow - For safety in towing, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made resulting in damage to you or your motorcycle, but we take every precaution in making sure they don’t happen.

Lock Out - Being locked out of a car or truck sucks, but we are able to do many vehicle makes & models where others fail.

Fuel delivery -  Running on empty and praying for a gas station, hoping your luck doesn’t run out of fuel. But sometimes you go too far, and find yourself wondering, "Is there a tow truck near me?" or "How am I going to get to a gas station now?" But running out of gas doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Just a couple simple clicks on your phone and we’ll send fast, reliable, gas-toting help with enough fuel to get you to the nearest service station.

Jump Starts - 95 times out of 100, it happens when you least expect it, your car won't start and you need a jump. And even if you have jumper cables, it takes two to tango.

Tire Change - If it is repairable, we can fix it. If not repairable, we can install your spare. We can also change your tire out on the spot if we have your tire size available.
We are a mobile tire service unit.

Mobile Mechanic - Whether it's a flat tire on the highway, a blown radiator hose in the middle of nowhere, we can take care of you at your home, place of business or wherever you just broke down. The fact that we are mobile auto mechanics means we can come to you wherever you are, any time of the day or night. Getting your car fixed right there on the road or in your parking lot will save you that expensive towing fee and get you back into the traffic jam fast! Our 24-hour mobile mechanics will save you money over using a traditional auto repair shop. Our low overhead allows us to keep our prices reasonable and we are most often less pricey than many auto services in area.

Fact - There are several important features to look for when choosing a roadside assistance provider. The most important services a roadside assistance company should provide: 24/7 roadside assistance, lock out assistance, minor roadside adjustments, tire change service, gasoline delivery and dead battery services. Other key services including an on-time arrival guarantee.All rates are within 10 miles, over that additional mileage rates apply

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